| Small Scale |

Barefoot Gardens is a small scale community-centered farm based upon biodynamic and organic farming methods. It is our goal to provide our community with high quality food while promoting the benefits of regenerative ecology and creating a “sense of place.”

| Hand Harvested |

We love growing produce, herbs & flowers and we cultivate our fields with care, thought and patience to bring you the best possible product.

| Chemical Free |

We are dedicated to our community and to good land stewardship so we do not spray any synthetic chemicals to spoil the land, our environment, or your food.

| CSA |

We live in Doylestown.  We farm in Doylestown.  We grow produce, herbs & flowers for our community – you, our family, friends, neighbors & co-workers. Come join our community of families dedicated to good land stewardship and clean healthy food grown close to where it is consumed!
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